Community Events

Grandparents Day

The Deutsche Schule Durban welcomes very special visitors on this day: The DSD grandparents and great-grandparents come to see where their grandchildren learn and play. They are treated to an entertaining morning- including a full programme as well as coffee and cake. The school orchestras, as well as each class, perform various musical items, the Grade 7 learners share their moving tributes to their grandparents and the Grade 6’s showcase their science projects.

Quiz Night

On this night the communities “Brainiacs” unite in teams to tackle a wide variety of trivia questions to ultimately win bragging rights as well as a few prizes. This evening is hosted in the school hall, where drinks are on sale and all participants are encouraged to bring their own snacks, which allows for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Drive-in Movie Night

A fun night out for the whole family. For a small fee, the wider school community is invited to drive down to our school field and enjoy a movie on a big screen from the comfort of their car. A small space is also created in front of the cars where those who want to may sit on blankets/ deckchairs to enjoy the movie. The sound is made available via car radios and also via speakers, for those seated in front. Theatre style refreshments, such as popcorn, cold drinks, and wine gums, are sold on the evening


Wine Tasting

Good company, paired with choice wines and a selection of craft beers makes for an enjoyable evening for all members of the wider school community.