Einschulung 2016

The DSD welcomed 12 pupils into Grade 1 this year at a special “Einschulungsfeier” on Wednesday 20 January.  Excited pupils, parents (and even some grandparents) were part of the special ceremony at which the Kindergarten, the Grade 2 to 7 pupils and all the staff welcomed the Grade 1s to “big school”.  No Einschulungsfeier at a German school would be complete without the traditional “Zuckertüte”, and our Grade 1s arrived at school carrying some very impressive Zuckertüten!

After the ceremony, parents were able to see their children to their new classroom, and then the Grade 1s got down to the serious business of learning at big school.  We wish these young pupils – the Matric class of 2027 – a happy and successful start to their school career