German As Second Additional Language

For Beginners:

We are now offering German at the following schools as well, subject to sufficient demand.

  • Thomas Moore College (also for learners from other schools)
  • Crawford College La Lucia (also for learners from other schools)
  • Durban High School (only for DHS learners)

For more advanced learners (B1+)/Montagsschule: 

We offer German SAL as a subject to our alumni and other learners who have completed at least the A2 level of language proficieny. The classes take place every Monday evening.

The German Language Certificate

The school offers the exams for the German Language Certificate (Deutsches Sprachdiplom). The German Language Certificate is an official proof of German language proficiency, is organised and recognised by the Federal Republic of Germany and is extremely valuable for our learners for future studies, scholarship and job applications both locally and internationally. Please see the below link for more information about the DSD.

Every year a sizable number of our high school learners write the exams for the German Language Certificate I & II (DSD I & II). We are very proud of the fact that almost all of them pass these exams.

Please contact us for more information:
[email protected]