Water Explorer

News from the Water Explorer

On Saturday 9 April the DSD hosted a Water Workshop together with “Water Explorer” for 30 Schools in Durban. 70 Students and Teachers attended to find out more about Water preservation and how it can save the planet. The food catered was made up of pulses, to honour the International Year of Pulses this year. The DSD has partnered with WESSA to try and make a difference to the river that boarders the schools property. The Students of the DSD will do regular MiniSASS to test the state that the water is in and monitoring if our efforts, which include cleaning up and getting rid of the alien plants, are paying off. We are also proud to announce, that we have received our Silver Award for our second, consecutive year of participation in the Eco-Schools Program. In order for us to achieve the green flag status next year, we need all the help we can get from the parents and students. Let’s all achieve this milestone together.