Mission Statement


Our vision is to provide a holistic education of a high standard in both German and English for all children of our society, in a Christian context, regardless of background, culture and religion, which will prepare them for a globalised world. By imparting fundamental values we aim to contribute to the development of each child’s unique personality and their social competence. This happens in a warm and positive learning environment, in which the students can develop individually and successfully.


learn   ●   grow   ●   live


The following guiding principles serve as benchmarks for the development of our school as well as providing us with direction for our everyday school life:

  • We impart democratic values ​​based on a Christian and humanistic education, which aims to foster a commitment to social and environmental health, as well as to helpfulness, tolerance and cosmopolitanism.
  • Our school climate is characterized by empathy, openness, transparency, participation, and mutual appreciation and cooperation from all members of the school community.
  • We see our school as an intercultural meeting place, with an emphasis on the learning of the German language and the imparting of the German culture.
  • We want to support our students in developing into independent and responsible citizens.
  • We strive to combine high academic standards and subject skills with the joy of learning.
  • Our learners are encouraged and challenged according to their individual abilities through modern teaching and learning methods, as well as small classes that allow individual support.