We are very proud that Music forms an integral part of the DSD school curriculum, with a number of enthusiastic staff dedicated to this.

Since we believe that Music enhances every child’s academic and social development, we offer a comprehensive music program from Kindergarten to Grade 7. This incorporates choral singing, Orff, recorder, music theory, and opportunities to play in the school orchestras.

These DSD junior and senior orchestras are made up of DSD musicians who learn to play a musical instrument privately or play the school marimbas. The orchestra members rehearse once a week during school hours.

The biennial school play usually takes place in the 3rd term. All grade 1-7 learners take part.  There are also two music evenings per year at which any child playing a musical instrument may perform.
Music Evening

Extra-mural music lessons for a wide variety of instruments are available at the school on request. Our music teacher will assist in finding suitable teachers for DSD students wanting to learn an instrument. These lessons will, however, not necessarily take place at the school.