DSD Administration

A number of committees serve the school in a variety of ways:

DSD Board of Governors

  • The board is responsible for the organisation of financial matters, administration and employing of staff.
  • Board Members:
    • Tyron Hubbart –  Chairman
    • Andrew Westermeyer- Finance
    • Hermann Kistner – Maintenance
    • Martin Steyn – Transport & IT
    • Hans-Dieter Hillermann – Commercial
    • Malte Kersten – Marketing
    • Janet Schulze – Fundraising

DSD Trust

  • The Trust raises funds up to 40% of the monthly expenses of the DSD from private donors in Germany and administers these funds.
  • The Trust contributes .

DSD Parent Committee (Elternbeirat)

  • The parent committee has 2 parents representing each grade. They are mainly responsible for organising the catering at school functions, organising class activities (for parents) and attending to parent concerns etc.
  • E-Mail: [email protected]

Parent Committee Chairwoman: Ms Emma Roos

DSD Staff