The DSD at the DSD

Last year the Deutsche Schule Durban organised the exams for the ‘Deutsche Sprachdiplom II’ (DSD II) for the first time and those for the DSD I for the second time. We are very proud of our learners, almost all of whom passed!

We had a small ceremony to hand out the certificates and to express our admiration for the effort put into the German classes by our learners and their parents. Every Monday evening High School students (mostly DSD alumni) gather at the DSD to continue German SAL as an extra subject up to matric. From now on, the grade 8 learners will write the DSD I and the grade 11s the DSD II.


The ‘Deutsche Sprachdiplom’ (or German Language Certificate) is an official proof of German language proficiency, is organised and recognised by the Federal Republic of Germany and is extremely valuable for our learners for future studies, scholarship and job applications in a German speaking country as well as in South Africa.