The DSD at the DSD 2020

Last year the Deutsche Schule Durban organised the exams for the ‘Deutsche Sprachdiplom II’ (DSD II) and the DSD I. We are very proud of our learners, almost all of whom passed!

We had a small ceremony to hand out the certificates and to express our admiration for the effort put into the German classes by our learners and their parents. Every Monday evening High School students (mostly DSD alumni) gather at the DSD to continue German SAL as an extra subject up to matric. The grade 8 learners always write the DSD I and the grade 11s write the DSD II.
The ‘Deutsche Sprachdiplom’ (or German Language Certificate) is an official proof of German language proficiency, is organised and recognised by the Federal Republic of Germany and is extremely valuable for our learners for future studies, scholarship and job applications in a German speaking country as well as in South Africa.

Hermannsburg Mini-Olympiade

On the weekend of 6 March, it was that time again: Our top athletes made their way to the German School Hermannsburg (DSH) to compete against the Michaelis School and the DSH in swimming, soccer, and cricket.

Our little school performed extremely well, once again, dominating the swimming gala and soccer and thus winning the whole Olympade. That means that the Trophy came to the school for the 12th time in a row.

In all disciplines, and especially swimming, almost every race was won by the DSD and we especially want to honour the best athletes of the so-called swimming gala:

Congratulations to Anya Kistner, who was crowned Victrix Ludorum, and Kirk Wilson, who was crowned Victor Ludorum.

We are very proud of our athletes. You did a great job.

Schwimmfest 2020

On Monday, our learners from Grade 1-7 competed against each other in a variety of swimming disciplines in front of a sizeable crowd of parents.

The Schwimmfest was supposed to have taken place on Friday evening, but had to be postponed due to bad weather.

We congratulate House Moritz for their overall win, as well as:

Giselle Puymann for the O’Connor Most Improved Trophy

Anke and Nia DuPlessis for the Junior Victrix Ludorum Trophy

Daniel Hill for the Junior Victor Ludorum Trophy

Rebecca Schroeder for the Senior Victrix Ludorum Trophy

Kirk Wilson for the Senior Victor Ludorum Trophy

DSD Advertising Packages

Your Brand, directly to the German Community

Have you ever wondered how you can get your brand directly to the German Community in Durban? We are here to give you exactly this opportunity!

With a choice of 3 packages, you can advertise your brand through the DSDs many avenues.

Want to know more? Open the below document to see exactly what it is that we can offer your brand.

DSD Advertising Packages

#KhombiSAGermany at the DSD

The #KhombiSA Germany is coming to the Deutsche Schule Durban on Monday, 23 April 2018, at 13h00.

The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Germany, Mr Horst Achtzehn, would like to invite you to an Information Presentation covering the “Legal and Consular Services of the Embassy“.

We would be grateful to see you all there.

The German Embassy Pretoria has rebuilt a 1971 model VW Kombi to showcase German culture, language and lifestyle in South Africa. #KhombiSAGermany is a word play with the isiZulu expression “Khombisa” (to show) and the English nickname “Kombi” for the VW bus in South Africa.
The bus will be at the Deutsche Schule Durban!

You can find more Information in the official invite here: Invitation KhombiSA


We are opening our first Toddler Group!

Starting January 2018, children as young as 18 months can start their school career at the Deutsche Schule Durban!

This is a great age for children to playfully and easily pick up another language, in this case German. Here at the Deutsche Schule Durban we believe that multilingualism is an important  part of an education towards a global future.


Fees will be similar to those of the current Kindergarten. Please find more information about the fees/ transport costs etc. under the following link:

School Fees 2017

Give us a call on 031 267 1307 or email us [email protected] to find out how you can become a part of the DSD Family.